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Who Killed Doc Robbin? (August 23, 1943)

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Who Killed Doc Robbin?

Released on April 9, 1948: A group of children search a spooky house for the real killer of Doc Robbins so they can clear their friend, 'Fix-it Dan'.

Directed by Bernard Carr

The Actors: Larry Olsen (William 'Curley' Benson), Eilene Janssen (Betty), Peter Miles (Dudley), Ardda Lynwood (Ardda), Dale Belding (Speck Jones), Virginia Grey (Ann Loring), Don Castle (George the defense attorney), George Zucco (Doc Hugo Robbin), Paul Hurst (the jailer), Whitford Kane ('Fix-it' Dan Cameron), Wilton Graff (the prosecutor), Claire Du Brey (the housekeeper), Rene Beard (Dis), Donald King (Dat), Grant Mitchell (the judge), Steve Carruthers (reporter), James Conaty (the bailiff), William Forrest Jr. (reporter), Charles Gemora (the gorilla), Allen Mathews (the motorcycle cop), Frank O'Connor (the squad car cop), William Ruhl (the homicide squad inspector), Marshall Ruth (Police Sergeant), Brick Sullivan (Officer Calladay).


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