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She Shoulda Said 'No' (June 20, 1949)

Lila Leeds in Wild Weed, or She Shoulda Said No

Released on June 20, 1949: A documentary style crime drama about the evils of marijuana on teens in Los Angeles, with a cast of Hollywood stars.

Directed by Sam Newfield

The Actors: Alan Baxter (Markey), Lyle Talbot (Captain Hayes), Lila Leeds (Anne Lester), Michael Whalen (Jonathan Treanor), Mary Ellen Popel (Rita), Robert Kent (Lieutenant Mason), David Holt (Bob Lester), Don C. Harvey (Lieutenant Tyne), David Gorcey (Ricky), Jack Elam (henchman Raymond), Dick Cogan (Edmunds), Knox Manning (narrator), Rudolf Friml Jr. (piano soloist), Henry Corden (Hugo the club manager), Minerva Urecal (Ricky's mother).


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This movie is a 'message' movie, warning the country about the evils of marijuana that was originally released with the title, "Wild Weed." It stars a few Hollywood veteran actors, like Lyle Talbot, East End Kids David Gorcey, and veteran bad-man Jack Elam. The hot blonde that the movie centers around is Lila Leeds, who a year earlier was arrested along with Robert Mitchum for possession of Marijuana.

A Los Angeles wealthy businessman is smuggling marijuana cigarettes into the area sealed in tomato cans, and street-wise henchman Markey is selling the cigarettes to anyone that wants to have a good time. While visiting one of his customers in a burlesque house, he spots blonde Anne Lester and falls for her. He gets his customer Rita to invite Anne to party with them, and soon he has Anne smoking the 'wild weed.' She is trying to put her younger brother through college, but having a difficult time gettting enough money to support him, and after losing her job because she parties so much at night that she has a hard time dancing with the other chorus girls, Markey makes her his assistant, and she earns her money selling the contraband cigarettes. When her brother discovers that she is peddling dope to support him, he commits suicide, and the guilt of his death starts working on her mind.

Police Captain Hayes (Lyle Talbot, who was later a regular on the 'Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet' television sit-com) runs an investigation that targets the head man of the organization that is bringing the tomato cans into the country. While you are watching this motion picture and munching on your popcorn, you will probably hear the sound of the Theremin that is used during the smoking scenes. I am accustomed to hearing it during outer space movies, and thought it was eerie to hear it in this movie, but I guess the director thought it would give the audience a negative vibe or something.