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Yukon Flight (January 2, 1940)

Sergeant Renfrew in Yukon Flight

Released on January 2, 1940: Sergeant Renfrew of the R.C.M.P. uncovers murder and gold smuggling in the remote Canadian wilderness.

Directed by Ralph Staub

The Actors: James Newill (Sergeant Renfrew), Louise Stanley (Louise Howard), Warren Hull (Bill Shipley), William Pawley (Yuke Gradeau), Dave O'Brien (Constable Kelly), George Humbert (Nick, cafe owner), Karl Hackett (Raymond, airline owner), Jack Clifford (Whispering Smith), Roy Barcroft (henchman Lodin), Bob Terry (henchman DeLong), Earl Douglas (henchman Smokie Joe), Ernie Adams (Henry), Eddie Fetherston (pilot Rufe George), Jack Rutherford (James Benton).


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Sergeant Renfrew of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police is a movie character that provided great stories of the Canadian wilderness and the men and women that pioneered the Canadian north. Although this movie was filmed in black and white, you will notice that the Royal Canadian Mounties are referred to in slang as 'yellow stripes' - this is in reference to the yellow stripes on their uniforms, and is not connected to the general slang use of cowardice like referring to someone with a 'yellow stripe down his back.'

In this adventure, Sergeant Renfrew is at a post near a worn out gold mine owned by . . . of course . . . a pretty young lady. Mail, groceries and most goods are ferried into and out of the area by the local airplane company, and as our movie opens, we discover that the fellow running the airplane business is talking about how he has rigged one of his pilot's planes to crash and look like an accident. He wants the pilot dead because the pilot discovered how the plane company is smuggling gold across the border. We then discover that the manager of the mine is missing. When he returns, we discover that he was tracking down the smuggling operation and had the evidence that gold was being secretly smuggled out of the mine by the airplanes. But before the mine foreman can tell the Mounties or the gal who owns the mine about the smuggling, he is murdered in a way that makes it look like he committed suicide. Now it is up to Renfrew and his Mountie partner to find the evidence of murder, and uncover the gold smuggling operation . . . if they can live long enough.

While you are munching your white kernel popcorn and enjoying this thrilling north woods adventure, be careful while Whispering Smith is on the screen, because you might choke while you are laughing so hard. And be sure to save a bit of popcorn for the nail-biting bi-plane chase scene near the end, that is as exciting as any car chase that you have ever watched!