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Federal Fugitives (March 29, 1941)

Jean Hersholt in Hearts of Humanity

Released on March 29, 1941: WWII is on the horizon, and the Feds are chasing criminals and spies with the help of modern science.

Directed by William Beaudine

The Actors: Neil Hamilton (Captain James Madison and Robert Edmunds), Doris Day (Rita Bennett), Victor Varconi (Otto Lieberman, posing as Dr. Frederic Haskell), Charles C. Wilson (Bruce Lane), George M. Carleton (Henry Gregory), Frank Shannon (Colonel Hammond), Lyle Latell (Chuck, chauffer/valet), Betty Blythe (Marcia, Lane's sister), Gerald Oliver Smith (Hobbs, Lane's butler), Frank Moran (Ox, Chuck's pal), Jack Mulhall (unknown), Emmett Vogan (unknown), Hooper Atchley (hospital doctor), Frank Hagney (henchman Butch), Frank Jaquet (Senator Reeson), Murdock MacQuarrie (night watchman), Marjorie Manners (nurse Borg), 'Snub' Pollard (waiter)


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It is 1941, the U.S. has entered WWII, and there are foreign spies everywhere. In the mold of James Bond, Captain James Madison is a Federal intelligence agent. Handsome, smooth, always in control, and the object of attention for our leading lady, Rita Bennett. Madison has just arrived in Washington, and discovers that a man who helped him in the past has followed him to Washington and he becomes the agent's chauffer, valet and side-kick. They are out to dinner together and Madison thinks that he spots a wanted fugitive across the room. A bit of further investigation proves that the fellow is indeed the wanted man that everyone thought was dead. Madison follows him to the office of an airplane manufacturer, and then has a visit with the airplane manufacturer. He discovers that the criminal is with another man and they are trying to purchase a controlling interest in the plane company. Madison knows the plane owner from a previous case, and he agrees to let Madison assume the identity of his partner. The spies that want to purchase the airplane company invite the partner to meet them, and they hire a girl to 'entertain' him. Doris Day plays the part of seductress Rita, and no, it is not THAT Doris Day, but a sexy looking brunette that is just as easy to look at as the blonde Doris that you are thinking about. Now back to our spy thriller.

The bad guys discover that Madison is a Federal Intelligence man, and decide to kill him. This is where the real thrilling spy action starts, and we will discover whether Rita will stay true to her spy bosses or whether she has really fallen for our Federal man. There are poison pills, chases to Baltimore, thugs on the loose, and Rita . . . beautiful Rita . . . trying to warn Madison about the killers that are after him, but she might not be able to find him in time. Pop your white kernel corn with lots of warm melted butter, and enjoy a pretty good spy thriller in the mold of an early James Bond tale.