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No Greater Sin (August 28, 1941)

No Greater Sin

Released on August 28, 1941: (running time 1 hour and 18 minutes) WWII was under way, and this movie warns young soldiers about the dangers of dating prostitutes. This movie about the spread of syphilis did not get Hays Office approval, and was condemned by the influential Legion of Decency, which said that it presented subject matter that was unfit for the screen.

Directed by William Nigh

The Actors: Leon Ames (Doctor Edward Cavanaugh), Luana Walters (Sandra James), Pamela Blake (Betty James-Thorne), Malcolm 'Bud' McTaggart (Bill Thorne), Guy Usher (J.J. 'Pa' James), Bodil Rosing ('Ma' James), John Gallaudet (Townsend), Henry Roquemore (the mayor), Frank Jaquet (Doctor Henry Hobson), Tristram Coffin (Major Raleigh), Lee Shumway (J.C. Jarvis, newspaper publisher), William Gould (District Attorney Benton), J. Arthur Young (Judge Prescott), Betty Blythe (Mrs. Richards), Lynton Brent (factory worker), Jack Cheatham (policeman), Claudia Drake (Flo), Bess Flowers (Cavanaugh's nurse), Ralph Harolde (Nick Scaturo), Harry Harvey (first police sergeant), Stanley Mack (court clerk), Wilbur Mack (university President), Charles McMurphy (Sergeant), Frances Morris (Jarvis' secretary), Jack Norton (drunk), Paul Phillips (Jordan), Rose Plumer (Hobson's nurse), William Ruhl (case worker), Cy Schindell (Scaturo henchman), Charles Sullivan (henchman), Bryant Washburn (council member), Duke York (Scaturo henchman)


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