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Reg'lar Fellers (September 5, 1941)

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Reg'lar Fellers motion picture

Released on September 5, 1941: A group of small town kids try to invent an amphibious tank out of wood and a fan to help the war effort, and manage to tangle with some gangsters trying to rob Mrs. Carter, the old biddy who hates kids.

Directed by Arthur Dreifuss

The Actors: Billy Lee (Pinhead Duffy), Carl 'Alfalfa' Switzer (Bumps Hudson), Buddy Boles (Jimmy Dugan), Janet Dempsey (Aggie Reilly), Henry 'Spike' Lee (Skeeter), Malcolm Hutton (Puddin' Head Duffy), Sarah Padden (Hetty Carter), Roscoe Ates (Emory McQuade), Danna Callahan (Jane Watson), Diane Ware (Hazel Barry), Leonard Grassi (Warren Hamilton), Sharon Lynne (Baby Carter), Maren Mayo (Caroline Carter), Netta Packer (Martha), Jack C. Smith (Officer Flynn), Marguerite De La Motte (Mrs. Dugan), Pat O'Malley (Mr. Dugan Sr.), Anna Ruth Hughes (Molly Dugan), Dan Stowell (Ferrel), Lew Laurie (Lubec), Daisy Ford (Mrs. Duffy), Herb Vigran (radio announcer).


Free Download of the old movie Reg'Lar Fellers

Reg-lar-Fellers-1941-09-05.mp4 (566mb - 720x526)

Reg-lar-Fellers-1941-09-05-720p.mp4 (602mb - 720x540)

When I was about ten years old, the world seemed like a much different place than today. I lived in Meadville, Pennsylvania, a small town with one radio station and no television stations in the north-western part of town. We could get one television station that was always snowy and hard to watch from Erie, Pennsylvania, about forty miles north. And without any computer games or other diversions, I spent a lot of time outside. When I didn't have school, I was permitted to come and go as I wished . . . sometimes I would go outside at 8 or 9 in the morning and walk downtown and around the town, and get back home many hours later. As long as I was home for supper, no one even asked what I had been up to all day. And after supper I could go back outside to play, and all was good as long as I came home as soon as the street lights came on. Some nights after dark Dad would ask if I wanted to go for a walk with him, and I always wanted to. We would walk down Washington Street till it came to an end at the A&P Grocery Store, then turn around and come back home. I had to take two steps to every one step of Dad's, but I always kept up, swinging my arms like he did in time with our steps. During the days when I wasn't playing with the other kids in the neighborhood I was roaming the city, pretending to be a master spy, or a detective, looking for bad guys all around. I wasn't allowed to go to movies in those days, so movies like this one wasn't an influence, but I did read a lot of books for children like the Hardy Boys and Tom Swift. Kids in books could do all kinds of grown up things, and my imagination told me that I could do anything that the Hardy Boys could do.. This movie shows kids that were just like I imagined I could be when I was a kid. Although the movie was made before I was born, and probably before you were born, whether you are ten or a hundred and ten you will enjoy going to small town America and watching a group of young kids who could do just about anything. Pop enough white kernel popcorn for the whole neighborhood and invite all the kids in to watch with you, and let your imagination take charge as you join our gang of kids in this feel-good adventure.