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Billy the Kid, Wanted (October 4, 1941)

Buster Crabbe is Billy the Kid, Wanted

Released on October 4, 1941: Billy the Kid breaks his buddy Fuzzy out of jail in Paradise Valley, and then goes after the crooked businessman that is cheating everyone in the valley.

Directed by Sam Newfield (in the credits listed as Sherman Scott)

The Actors: Buster Crabbe (Billy the Kid), Al 'Fuzzy' St. John (Fuzzy), Dave O'Brien (Jeff), Glenn Strange (Matt Brawley), Charles King (Jack Saunders), Slim Whitaker (second Sheriff), Howard Masters (Stan Harper), Choti Sherwood (Jane Harper), Joel Newfield (Joey Harper), Budd Buster (storekeeper), Frank Ellis (henchman Bart), Steve Clark (first Sheriff), Art Dillard (deputy), Curley Dresden (henchman), Kenne Duncan (henchman), Augie Gomez (henchman), Arch Hall Sr. (henchman), Chick Hannan (homesteader), Jack Hendricks (deputy), Reed Howes (deputy), George Morrell (homesteader), Pascale Perry (deputy), Al Taylor (deputy), Wally West (henchman).


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The first time I remember seeing Buster Crabbe was as a kid when I saw some of his 'Flash Gordon' series broadcast on television that were frist shown in movie theaters before the main feature. Dad told me that Buster Crabbe (what a funny name, I thought) was a real ladies-man in the movies, famous for his Tarzan movies and his cowboy adventures. This motion picture classic features Buster Crabbe as they 'Robin Hood' of the wild west, Billy the Kid. Pop some succulent white kernel popcorn, and add your favorite topping, and enjoy Buster Crabbe as he plays the part of one of the most storied men of the frontier, Billy the Kid.

As our movie opens we find Billy the Kid and his two side-kicks running away from a posse. They are complaining that every time a bank is robbed, the Sheriff comes after Billy the Kid, even though he claims that he didn't rob that bank. After they evade the posse, they are sitting around a campfire, and Fuzzy, their funny friend with the 'fuzzy' beard finds a piece of paper that advertises a place called 'Paradise Valley,' where for a small fee anyone can get a plot of land to farm, and find a life of 'Paradise' in the west. So Fuzzy leaves the gang and heads for Paradise.

Once in the valley, Fuzzy discovers that the fellow that is selling the land is a crook that bleeds the families of everything that they earn, and cheats them by selling overpriced goods at the General Store. When he goes into town to talk to the main man, Fuzzy is put in jail on a trumped up charge. As soon as Billy the Kid and his partner find out, they head for Paradise Valley to break their buddy out of jail. They soon decide to help the farmers of Paradise Valley get rid of the bad man that is running the place, but the bad guy has some plans of his own for Billy. There are some bad henchmen that did some dirty work for the bad man earlier, and the bad guy hires them to get Billy the Kid. Then he turns around and hires Billy the Kid to get the henchmen. He figures no matter who kills who, he will come out ahead. But Billy the Kid is no one's fool, and he has a plan of his own, to double-cross the double-crosser.

You'll find everything you expect and more in this cowboy adventure . . . fist fights, gun fights, high speed horse chases, a battle of wits between Billy and the other outlaws, and a really funny Fuzzy . . . I found myself laughing out loud at his physical humor, and I don't do that very often.