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Mr. Celebrity (October 10, 1941)

James Seay and Doris Day in Mr. Celebrity

Released on October 10, 1941: Little orphan Danny is living with a veterinarian that works on horses at the racetrack, and his grandparents want to take him away from the evil racetrack environment, until they meet Mr. Celebrity.

Directed by William Beaudine

The Actors: Robert 'Buzz' Henry (Danny Mason), James Seay (Jim Kane), Doris Day (Carol Carter), William Halligan (Daniel Mason), Laura Treadwell (Mrs. Mason), Gavin Gordon (Travers), Frank Hagney (Patrick J. Dugan, private eye), John Berkes (Johnny Martin), John Ince (Joe Farrell), Francis X. Bushman (himself, silent heart-throb actor, resident at the ranch), Clara Kimball Young (herself, silent screen star, resident at the ranch), James J. Jeffries (himself, world heavyweight boxing champion), Larry Grey (Larry 'Gardo the Great' Grey), Jack Baxley (Judge Culpepper), Billy Mitchell (Josh, groomsman), William Pagan (Army Lieutenant Ed Shanley), Michael Mark (gas station attendant), Ruth Clifford (woman in convertible), William Whitman (man in convertible), Jack Richardson (Bill Geraghty), Alfred Hall (Langdon estate attorney), Henry Hastings (Washington, servant), Smokey Saunders (Smokey, jockey).

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I assume that you are here because you love to watch old movies. Did you ever stop to think about the elements that make a movie 'great'? Let me list a few that we might agree on.

A really good movie grabs your interest right from the beginning. A really good movie has a well-crafted blend of humor, pathos, a good crises or two propogated by a gangster, and a hero and heroine that can come to the rescue. The best movies are exciting to watch whether you are ten years old or a hundred and ten. Every feel-good movie should have a young boy and his dog, to tug at your heart strings. If you are an old movie connoisseur you remember some of the famous silent screen stars like Clara Kimball Young and Frances X. Bushman, and it would be wonderful to see them years later talking about their early days in the motion picture business. How about a chat with retired boxing heavyweight champion James J. Jeffries? If you know much about horse racing, you might have heard the line, "you can bet the farm on this one." - Have you ever wondered where that saying came from? Maybe from this motion picture. Because our people did bet the farm on Mr. Celebrity, and won!

Grab the kids, call Grandma and Grandpa, and all gather 'round with a really big bowl of hot buttered popcorn, a cold soda pop for everyone, and enjoy one of the finest feel-good movies of all time, and a wonderful slice of 1941 America.