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Hi Gang (December 27, 1941)

Bebe Daniels in Hi Gang!

Released on December 27, 1941: Bebe and Ben are married, and both are famous radio broadcasters, but they work for competing companies and their competition with each other may tear their marriage apart.

Directed by Marcel Varnel

The Actors: Bebe Daniels (herself, the Liberty Girl), Ben Lyon (himself, Bebe's husband), Vic Oliver (himself, the nuisance with ideas), Moore Marriott (Uncle Jerry), Graham Moffatt (Albert Tomlin), Felix Aylmer (Lord Amersham), Percy Parsons (Hergensheimer), Diana Beaumont (Hergensheimer's secretary), Jacques Brown (Botticelli), Mavis Villiers (Botticelli's Secretary), Maurice Rhodes (Little Ben), Leslie Bradley (unknown), Sam Brown (unknown), Richard George (policeman), Georgina Mackinnon (Mrs. Endicott), MacDonald Parke (attorney), Esme Percy (Lord Chamberlain), Jay Wilbur (orchestra leader).


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Bebe Daniels was born in Dallas, Texas in 1901, and by the time she was a young teenager she was a veteran actress of silent movies. Comedian Harold Lloyd dated Bebe for several years and wanted her to marry him, but her free-spirit personality didn't fit with Lloyd's conservative views on marriage. They remained good friends, but in 1930 Bebe married Ben Lyon, and had a daughter Barbara, and later adopted a son Richard. But it was little Barbara that determined their future fame in England. In 1932 there was an attempted kidnapping of young Barbara. The Lyons hired private body guards to protect their daughter, but still felt unsafe in America. Ever since the kidnapping and murder of the young son of Charles Lindbergh earlier in 1932, the children of wealthy Americans were in increasing danger. Bebe and husband Ben took little Barbara to London, and while living there became the stars of a comedy BBC radio show named "Hi Gang!"

This movie builds on the success of their British radio show. Later the Lyons created a successful radio sit-com called, "Life with the Lyons" featuring themselves and daughter Barbara, which was also made into a BBC television show in the 1950's, much like "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet" here in the States. Pop a big bowl of white kernel popcorn and enjoy the movie that brought smiles to Britain as their nation was at war.

Bebe Daniels and Ben LyonBen Lyon and Bebe Daniels
Bebe Daniels and Ben LyonBen Lyon and Bebe Daniels
Bebe DanielsBen Lyon
Bebe Daniels - 1941Ben Lyon - 1941
Georgina MackinnonJaques Brown
Georgina MackinnonJacques Brown
Mavis Villiers and Jaques BrownMoore Marriott and Graham Moffatt
Mavis Villiers and Jacques BrownMoore Marriott and Graham Moffatt
Vic OliverVic Oliver
Vic OliverVic Oliver - 1941
Vic Oliver and Bebe DanielsVic Oliver and Ben Lyon
Vic Oliver, Bebe Daniels and Ben LyonVic Oliver and Ben Lyon
Vic Oliver and Ben LyonVic Oliver, Bebe Daniels and Ben Lyon
Vic Oliver and Ben LyonVic Oliver, Bebe Daniels and Ben Lyon