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Bullet Scars (March 7, 1942)

Regis Toomey in Bullet Scars

Released on March 7, 1942: Regis Toomey is a doctor who is kidnapped and forced to work on a wounded bank robber in this gangster crime thriller.

Directed by D. Ross Lederman

The Actors: Regis Toomey (Doctor Steven Bishop), Adele Longmire (Nora Madison), Howard Da Silva (Frank Dillon), Ben Welden (Pills Davis), John Ridgely (Hank O'Connor), Frank Wilcox (Mike, lodge owner), Tod Andrews (Joe Madison), Hobart Bosworth (Doctor Sidney Carter), Roland Drew (Jake), Walter Brooke (State Trooper Walter Leary), Creighton Hale (Jess the druggist), Hank Mann (Gilly), Sol Gorss (Dude), Don Turner (Mitch), Glen Cavender (reporter), Davison Clark (Sheriff Downs), Charles Drake (Harry, reporter), Stuart Holmes (reporter), William Hopper (Citizens bank teller), Fred Kelsey (Police Chief Hansen), Vera Lewis (Charles' wife), Frank Mayo (Frank, deputy), Ray Montgomery (news photographer at the shootout), Jack Mower (roadblock officer), Leo White (Charles, harrassed husband at roadblock), Jack Wise (reporter)


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Papa was a country preacher, and I remember one time that I went 'visiting' with him when I was very young. Dad made a point of visiting every member regularly at their home, and especially if they missed Sunday services. Once when he was going to visit a farmer that had a son about my age he asked me if I wanted to go along, and I readily agreed. Once there, we discovered that the man was moving bales of hay from a wagon onto the barn floor and then stacking the bales carefully from floor to near ceiling. Dad didn't hesitate a moment, but took off his coat, loosened his tie, and started helping the man move bales of hay as they chatted. The farmer's son and I climbed up into the barn, scaling the mountain of hay already there like adventurous mountain climbers. When we got to the top of the hay in an area that the men were not actively stacking hay, the farmer's son taught me how to build a tunnel with the hay bales. We built a simple, short tunnel with the hay bales, and with my active imagination it became the stuff of secret agents and hidden treasures and all sorts of wild ideas revolving around our 'secret' passage. In this gangster thriller the bank robbers use a truck filled with bales of hay, and a secret hollowed out center to drive the getaway car into and make it past the police roadblocks! Wow! I never thought of that as a kid, but if I had seen this movie when I was a youngster, it would have opened up all sorts of new imagined scenes when I would visit a barn full of hay!

This is a classic gangster flic with a bank robber named 'Dillon' and the best known gangster film good guy from the 1940's, Regis Toomey. In this adventure Toomey is not a cop or detective, but a mild mannered country doctor . . . who just happens to specialize in brain surgery. Okay, so that isn't really plausible in today's world, but we aren't in today's world, we are in the magical movie world of long ago, when a skilled brain surgeon might well be stuck in a small hick town. So our bank robbers drive their getaway car into the center of a hollowed out truck full of hay, and easily get past the road blocks set up to prevent them from leaving the city. They make it to the small town where our doctor is, and they convince the doc to come to the remote lodge where they are hiding out and tend to one of the gang who got shot in the head during the bank robbery. Thank goodness that our doc is really good at operating on the brain . . . oh, and did I mention that the fellow that is shot in the head has a beautiful young sister who just happens to be a nurse? And did I mention that the gang picked her up at the hospital in the city where she worked and brought her along to this wilderness lodge? And did I mention that Regis Toomey and Adele Longmire the nurse hit it off immediately, and we know that they will certainly get hitched if they can get out of this thing alive. Yes, this gangster thriller has all of the plot elements that will keep you munching your white kernel popcorn right up to the final gun battle between the gangsters and the coppers, with bullets flying and tension as thick as the tear gas filling the lodge during the final confrontation. Pop a big bowl of white kernel popcorn with plenty of warm melted butter drizzled over it and enjoy the show.

Adele Longmire
Adele Longmire tells Regis Toomey that the man he operated on is a dangerous bank robber, and they will both be killed once the wounded gangster is out of danger.
Adele Longmire
Adele Longmire watches over her wounded brother
Ben Welden and Howard De Silva
Ben Welden and Howard Da Silva try to get an old doctor to patch up their wounded buddy
Creighton Hale
Creighton Hale is the druggist in the movie Bullet Scars
Frank Wilcox and Howard De Silva
Frank Wilcox and Howard Da Silva persuade Regis Toomey to come with them and work on the wounded gangster
Fred Kelsey
Fred Kelsey is the city police chief who lets the gangsters get away into the wilderness.
Hobart Bosworth
Hobart Bosworth is the first doctor that the gangsters kill because he tries to call the cops on them.
Howard Da Silva and Adele Longmire
Howard Da Silva and Adele Longmire
Howard Da Silva
Howard Da Silva is gangster Frank Dillon in the movie Bullet Scars
John Ridgely and Ben Welden
John Ridgely and Ben Welden are two henchmen who walk into the drug store and discover a cop talking to Regis and Adele
Regis Toomey and Adele Longmire
Regis Toomey and Adele Longmire
Tod Andrews
Tod Andrews is Adele's wounded brother
Walter Brooke
Walter Brooke is Trooper Walter Leary
William Hoopper
William Hopper, bank teller