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Wildcat (September 3, 1942)

Richard Arlen in Wildcat

Released on September 3, 1942: Johnny Maverick, an oil wildcatter will do whatever it takes to bring in the first well in Antril Bend, a wild town in oil country, filled with adventurous men and designing women.

Directed by Frank McDonald

The Actors: Richard Arlen (Johnny Maverick), Arline Judge (Nan Deering), William Frawley (Oliver Westbrook), Buster Crabbe (Mike Rawlins), Arthur Hunnicutt (Watchfob Jones), Elisha Cook Jr. (Harold 'Chicopee' Nevins), Ralph Sanford (Grits O'Malley), Alec Craig (Joseph D. Campbell), John Dilson (Gus Sloane), Will Wright (John 'Paw' Smithers), Jessica Newcombe (Martha 'Maw' Smithers), Willy 'Billy' Benedict (Bud Smithers), Dick Elliott (Harris, the man with Nan), Johnny Fisher (Cully, oil worker), Sam Flint (banker Giles), William Hall (Eben, bar brawler), Edward Keane (oil investor), Tom Kennedy (Fred, bartender), Billy Nelson (Peters), Cy Schindell (bar brawler), Fred-Sherman (Culley), Pierre Watkin (banker).


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