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Prunes and Politics (January 1, 1944)

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Edgar Kennedy in Prunes and Politics

Released on January 1, 1944: Edgar Kennedy runs for the position of county supervisor and his opponent is his mother-in-law Dot Farley.

Directed by Ben Holmes

The Actors: Edgar Kennedy (Edgar), Pauline Drake (Mrs. Kennedy, Edgar's wife), Dot Farley (mother-in-law), Jack Rice (brother-in-law), Hugh Beaumont (Tinker, political advisor), Harrison Green (unknown), Barbara Hale (Miss Marlow, secretary), Russell Wade (unknown).


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When I was very young coming home from school in the afternoon meant plopping in front of the television set and watching 'Leave it to Beaver' with Hugh Beaumont as the almost-perfect father. And on Saturday evenings it was always bath time and bed time after watching the Lawrence Welk show and then Perry Mason, with Barbara Hale as the attorney's capable secretary. Both Hugh Beaumont and Barbara Hale appear in this short comedy that was produced to show in movie theaters before the main attraction. Edgar Kennedy, legendary motion picture funny man is once again plagued by his nagging mother-in-law and good-for-nothing brother-in-law. Edgar is pleased when his friends decide that he is the man to run for county supervisor, but when Edgar gets home he discovers that the ladies' group has nominated his troublesome mother-in-law to run for the same office. Edgar decides that he can use dirty tricks to win the race, like real politicians do, but things don't turn out the way he plans them in this 16 minute laugh fest.

Barbara Hale and Hugh Beaumont
Barbara Hale and Hugh Beaumont
Barbara Hale
Barbara Hale
Dot Farley and Pauline Drake
Dot Farley and Pauline Drake
Dot Farley
Dot Farley
Edgar Kennedy and Pauline Drake
Edgar Kennedy and Pauline Drake at the breakfast table
Edgar Kennedy at the office
Edgar Kennedy at the office on the phones
Hugh Beaumont and Edgar Kennedy
Edgar Kennedy explains his 'dirty trick' to Hugh Beaumont
Hugh Beaumont
Hugh Beaumont is Edgar Kennedy's political advisor
Jack Rice, Dot Farley and Edgar Kennedy
Jack Rice, Dot Farley and Edgar Kennedy at the breakfast table.