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Shake Hands with Murder (April 22, 1944)

Iris Adrian in Shake Hands with Murder

Released on April 22, 1944: Wise cracking Patsy Brent is a tough talking bail-bond gal who tries to clear an accused embezzler in this comedy crime adventure.

Directed by Albert Herman

The Actors: Iris Adrian (Patsy Brent), Frank Jenks (Eddie Jones), Douglas Fowley (Steve Morgan), Jack Raymond (Joe Blake), Claire Rochelle (Miss Johnson, secretary), Herbert Rawlinson (John Clark), Juan de la Cruz (Mr. Stanton), I. Stanford Jolley (Mr. Haskins), Forrest Taylor (Mr. Kennedy), George Kirby (George Adams), Gene Roth (William Howard), Anita Sparrow (waitress), Buck Harrington (Police Sergeant), Wilbur Mack (man in hallway).


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There is murder afoot, and the wise cracking Patsy Brent and her partner Eddie Jones run a small time bail-bond business, collecting $5 fees for getting small time hoods out of jail. One day her partner Eddie thinks that he has hit it big, by putting up twenty five thousand dollars to bail out an accused embezzler, with a twenty five hundred dollar fee. But instead of being their ticket to the big time, bailing out Steve Morgan becomes their ticket to adventure, murder, mystery and a man for Patsy. Pop a big bowl of white kernel popcorn and munch away as you watch this light comedy murder mystery starring a wild blonde and the five board members of the firm who all look guilty.

A small fortune has been stolen and the five board members, and new employee Steve Morgan are the only people with access to the safe. Steve is accused and jailed for the crime, and is bailed out by Patsy and Eddie, a couple of small time bail bondsmen. Patsy, Eddie's partner, is convinced that Steve is guilty and will skip the country with the stolen bonds, leaving them stuck with the loss of his bail money. When Patsy and Eddie visit the firm to get the lowdown on Steve, they discover that someone has killed the owner of the company, and it could have been one of the five board members, or Steve Morgan.

Patsy has met Steve and doesn't even realize it, and they seem to be attracted to each other. When Patsy discovers that this is the man she thinks stole the bonds and murdered the owner, she sticks by him to prevent him from escaping, but soon believes in his innocence, and together they try to discover the real thief and killer. Everyone is gathered at the company lodge in the mountains, including the real thief and killer, and the suspense builds as everyone looks guilty. But fear not, because between Patsy, Eddie and Steve Morgan, the killer is only minutes away from discovery and capture, thanks to the quick thinking blonde bail bond beauty, and all's well that ends well, and all ends well.