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I'll Build it Myself (October 18, 1946)

Edgar Kennedy in I'll Build it Myself

Released on October 18, 1946: (running time 15 minutes) Why pay a contractor to add a room to your house when you can do it yourself for twice the cost and ending in disaster?

Directed by Hal Yates

The Actors: Edgar Kennedy (Edgar), Florence Lake (Florence), Jack Rice (brother), Dot Farley (mother), Harry Strang (building inspector), Jason Robards Sr. (Mr. Jackson the contractor), Robert Bray (neighbor)


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Edgar Kennedy, Florence Lake and Jason Robards Sr.
Edgar Kennedy, Florence Lake and Jason Robards Sr.
Edgar Kennedy and Jack Rice
Edgar Kennedy is about to dunk Jack Rice into a barrel of paint
Edgar Kennedy
Egdar Kenned, covered in wet plaster, discovers that he just tossed the building inspector into the wet plaster
Edgar Kennedy
Edgar Kennedy is determined to build the extra room himself
Harry Strang
Harry Strang is the building inspector
Jack Rice and Dot Farley
Jack Rice and Dot Farley, Edgar's brother-in-law and mother-in-law