Roses are Red (November 10, 1947)

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Crime Noir Thriller Roses are Red

Released November 10, 1947: A new crime-busting District Attorney is kidnapped and replaced with a criminal look-alike.

Directed by James Tinling

The Actors: Don Castle (Robert Thorn nad Don Carney), Peggy Knudsen (Martha McCormack), Patricia Knight (Jill Carney), Joe Sawyer (Police Lieutenant Rocky Wall), Edward Keane (Jim Locke), Jeff Chandler (John Jones, 'the Knuckle'), Charles McGraw (Duke Arno), Charles Lane (Lipton), Paul Guilfoyle (Ace Oliver), James Arness (Ray), Eddie Acuff (reporter), Johnny Carpenter (reporter), Wheaton Chambers (coroner), Cliff Clark (Police Captain Sharkey), Gordon B. Clarke (reporter), Eddie Coke (reporter), Kernan Cripps (Martin Jones, photographer), Steve Darrell (jail guard), Lila Deane (secretary), Lester Dorr (reporter), Eddie Fetherston (reporter), Jody Gilbert (Jill's landlady), Mary Gordon (scrubwoman), Eula Guy (landlady), Robert Kellard (intern), Guy Kingsford (Frank, Locke's butler), Paul Kruger (Police Sergeant Reddick), Hank Mann (Pop Morris), Charles Miller (Judge Patterson), Bill Neff (reporter), William Newell (reporter), Brick Sullivan (policeman), Ray Teal (Weston), Jack Worth (Zeller)


The Law of Contact

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It's the big city, and a lady is strangled to death, holding one red rose. The cop investigating it is dirty - he works for the mob boss that runs the dark side of the city. Across town, the new District Attorney is being sworn in, and he promises to clean up crime and corruption. Back at the apartment where the dead lady is getting stiff, the dirty cop sees a photo in her wallet - a photo of the new District Attorney. After a bit of investigating, the dirty cop discovers that the photo in the girls wallet was not the new District Attorney, but an exact double, who happens to be a convict just getting out of prison. The mob boss meets the convict look-alike and offers him a pile of money if he will take the District Attorney's place.

So the mob boss arranges to have the D.A. kidnapped and held in an isolated house where the convict studies the habits and mannerisms of the D.A. in preparation for taking his place. When the convict is just about ready to replace the D.A., they have a struggle and when the dust clears, the new D.A. convinces the mobsters that he is the convict. They quickly shoot and kill the real convict, and bring their man back as the D.A. - except he really is the D.A., pretending to be the convict, pretending to be the D.A. - confused yet? Me Too. Actually, it all makes sense, but can he get away with the trick long enough to get the goods on the mob boss? All is going well until the convict's wife comes to town and meets the man she thinks is her convict husband. When they kiss, she knows that it is not her convict husband, and she tells the mob so.

It looks like the jig is up for the D.A. pretending to be the convict who replaces the D.A. - the mob now knows that he is the real D.A. and that they killed the convict by mistake. Will the new D.A. get killed by the mob before he can get the goods on them? Who is James Arness, the tall dude that helps the D.A. and isn't recognized by the corrupt policeman? He looks a lot like Matt Dillon would look as a youngster . . . Grab your popcorn and soda and enjoy a great classic noir cops and robbers old movie thriller.