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Shed No Tears (June 9, 1948)

Shed No Tears

Released on June 9, 1948: A husband agrees to fake his own death so that his wife can get his insurance money for them, but his wife and her boyfriend have other ideas.

Directed by Jean Yarbrough

The Actors: Wallace Ford (Sam Grover), June Vincent (Edna Grover), Mark Roberts (Ray Belden), Frank Albertson (Police Lieutenant Hutton), Dick Hogan (Tom Grover, Sam's son), Elena Verdugo (Marilyn, Tom's sweetheart), Johnstone White (Huntington Stewart, private eye), Oliver Blake (apartment manager), Betty Blythe (Mrs. Peet, landlady), Eddie Dunn (loan company representative), Eddie Kane (Mr. Nicholas, bail bondsman), Rory Mallinson (second interrogating detective), Paul Maxey (first insurance investigator), Matt McHugh (first investigating detective), Ida Moore (bus passenger), Jason Robards Sr. (homicide inspector), Mary Treen (Hilda the maid), Emmett Vogan (first interrogating detective), Max Wagner (second investigating detective), Barton Yarborough (second insurance investigator).


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There is nothing better on a dark and stormy night than a good old film noir murder mystery with enough plot twists to keep you awake all night. This is that story. Old fart Sam Grover spends every penny he has to make the young and beautiful gold digger think he has plenty of money, but after the wedding she discovers that he is nothing more than a used car salesman! All she wants is money . . . lots of it . . . and her old husband doesn't have enough. What to do . . . what to do . . . maybe murder him for his insurance money? Naw, that would be too easy. How about if this smart blonde figures out a way to get rid of the old fart without risking a murder wrap, and still grab his insurance money . . . and then head for Hawaii with her young handsome lover-boy? That's the plan, and it should have worked . . . except . . . well . . . way too many things complicate this simple plan for me to go into right now.

Okay, I lied . . . I will tell you a few delicious details that complicate this simple scheme. First, if she doesn't murder the old fellow, she needs to get him out of the way and make it look like an accidental death so that she can get the insurance money. So she gets the hubby to fake his own death and go away to wait for her to join him with the insurance money. Of course she intends to run away with her young lover, leaving the old man with empty pockets and nothing else. But if he isn't really dead . . . he might return and do unpredictable things. Then there is the old man's son who is convinced that his dad was murdered. Let's add a quirky private detective who has motives of his own to unravel this mystery. Of course there are insurance investigators and police investigators to muck things up for our young blonde schemer . . . and when her young lover is murdered before they can get out of town with the insurance money our blonde schemer is framed with his murder. All she wants is money . . lots of it . . . but after she gets the insurance money, she keeps losing it one chunk at a time to the other cast members who turn out to be even more devious than she is. What a shame. Our femme fatal winds up without the money and in a heap of trouble. In the final scene it looks like she will be the winner after all. With a cabbie waiting for her at the curb, she confronts everyone that has been giving her a hard time, but once again things don't go just the way she would like. What a wonderful way to spend an hour . . . watching this full cast of scheming people all scheming for different reasons with different motives, making Edna's simple plan to get rich quick so very, very messy.

Dick Hogan and June Vincent
Dick Hogan visits his step-mother, played by June Vincent, after hearing about the death of his father.
Dick Hogan
Dick Hogan as Tom Grover, son of the man who appears to have died in a hotel fire.
Elena Verdugo
Elena Verdugo, the son's girlfriend who introduces him to the quirky detective.
Jason Robards Sr.
Jason Robards Sr. as the homicide police inspector
Johnstone White
Johnstone White, as Huntington Stewart, the quirky detective. What is this guy up to?
Johnstone White
Johnstone White in the 1948 thriller, Shed No Tears
June Vincent and Mark Roberts
June Vincent and Mark Roberts plan their get away to Hawaii
June Vincent and Mark Roberts
June Vincent and Mark Roberts after the 'accidental' death of her husband.
June Vincent
June Vincent as the plotting wife scheming her own future.
June Vincent
June Vincent as Edna Grover, widow of the car salesman Sam Grover.
Mark Roberts
Mark Roberts as Ray, the boyfriend of our scheming femme fatal.
Mary Treen
Mary Treen as Hilda the housekeeper as she is getting fired by Sam Grover.
Paul Maxey
Paul Maxey as the insurance investigator
Wallace Ford and Dick Hogan
Wallace Ford and Dick Hogan
Wallace Ford meets Johnstone White
Wallace Ford meets Johnstone White and the wrong end of a gun.
Wallace Ford and June Vincent
Wallace Ford and June Vincent after faking his death.
Wallace Ford and Mary Treen
Wallace Ford and Mary Treen at the boarding house in Washington.
Wallace Ford
Wallace Ford, spying on his wife and her young lover in the other room.
Wallace Ford
Wallace Ford