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Counterblast, The Devil's Plot (May 18, 1948)

CounterBlast with Robert Beatty and Mervyn Jones

Released on May 18, 1948: A WWII German scientist escapes to London and works on a drug that will immunize Germans from the germ warfare that the Nazi survivors are planning to unleash on the world.

Directed by Paul L. Stein

The Actors: Robert Beatty (Dr. Paul Rankin), Mervyn Johns (Sr. Bruckner, the Beast of Ravensbruck), Nova Pilbeam (Tracy Hart), Margaretta Scott (Sister 'Johnnie' Johnson), Sybille Binder (Martha Lert, Bruckner Nazi housekeeper), Marie Lohr (Mrs. Coles, Richard's old friend), Karel Stepanek (Professor Inman, Nazi Psychiatrist), Alan Wheatley (M.W. Kennedy, Nazi dentist), Gladys Henson (Mrs. Plum, Forester's housekeeper), John Salew (Padre Latham), Anthony Eustrel (Dr. Richard Forrester), Carl Jaffe (Heinz), Ronald Adam (Colonal Ingram, Gillington POW Camp Commandant), Martin Miller (Van Hessian, Dutch seaman), Aubrey Mallalieu (Major Walsh), Horace Kenney (taxi driver), Stevins Chambers (German POW), Archie Duncan (Dr. McKegney), John England (German POW), Armand Guinle (seaman), Mike Johnson (barman), Kenneth Keeling (policeman), Peter Madden (William Lucas, Nazi), Jack Melford (detective), Kynaston Reeves (Lucas' butler), Frederick Schiller (German POW), Olive Sloane (Ingram's housekeeper).


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It is 1948 and World War II is over. Evil German Nazi scientists are planning a new war . . . a war fought with germs that will quickly kill everyone that breathes in the germ laden gas. Dr. Bruckner was an evil scientist experimenting on the inhabitants of a prison camp known as the Beast of Ravensbruck. He is in a prison camp awaiting trial in Nuremburg, but escapes and an active Nazi underground smuggles him into London, and sets him up as a biological scientist. He is supposedly working on a cure for the common cold, but is actually trying to find an immunizing drug for a powerful biological warfare chemical that the Nazi underground is planning on unleashing in the next big war. Once he has discovered a way to keep them immune from the plague, they will take him out of England before they begin the next war.

Bruckner kills the real scientist on his way from Australia to London and takes his place. It looks like he will succees in finding a vaccine against the new plague, the world may be destroyed. And to make matters worse, it looks like he will get away with his plan, and no one will discover his real identity or mission. Even though it is peace time in London, and there is love in the air between two of the people in this thriller, the mad scientist may not be caught. He may succeed in bringing on the next big war . . . the war that will kill most of the world's humanity.