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Dynamite (January 18, 1949)


Released January 18, 1949: An explosive story about the men who play with dynamite, danger, death and pretty women.

Directed by William H. Pine

The Actors: William Gargan (Gunner Peterson), Virginia Welles (Mary), Richard Crane (Johnny Brown), Irving Bacon (Jake), Mary Newton (Nellie Brown), Frank Ferguson ('Hard Rock' Mason), Douglass Dumbrille (Hank Gibbons), Phil Arnold (photographer), Paul Bryar (Christmas party guest), Lane Chandler (aggressive motorist), Bill Kennedy (construction worker), Ralph Montgomery (Christmas party guest), Keith Richards (Danbury), Jason Robards Sr. (quarry superintendant Hook), Lee Roberts (Christmas party guest), Almira Sessions (Jennie), Dan White (Skipper Brown).


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