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Prehistoric Women (November 1, 1950)

Prehistoric Women

Released on November 1, 1950: These women rule the world, and use their men for only one thing, until one man discovers the power of fire.

Directed by Gregg C. Tallas

The Actors: Laurette Luez (Tigri), Allan Nixon (Engor), Joan Shawlee (Lotee), Judy Landon (Eras), Mara Lynn (Arva), Jo-Carroll Dennison (Nika), Kerry Vaughn (Rulle), Tony Devlin (Ruig), James Summers (Adh), Dennis Dengate (Kama), Jeanne Sorel (Tana), Johann Petursson (Guadi), John Frederick (tribe leader), Janet Scott (wise old lady), David Vaile (narrator), Janet Shaw (bit part)


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