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The Great Rupert - March 1, 1950

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Jimmy Durante in The Great Rupert

Released on March 1, 1950: A down-on-their-luck New York City family gets their Christmas wish with the help of a special little squirrel.

Directed by Irving Pichel

The Actors: Jimmy Durante (Mr. Louie Amendola), Terry Moore (Rosalinda Amendola), Tom Drake (Peter 'Pete' Dingle), Frank Orth (Mr. Frank Dingle), Sara Haden (Mrs. Katie Dingle), Queenie Smith (Mrs. Amendola), Chick Chandler (Phil Davis), Jimmy Conlin (Moe Mahoney), Rupert (himself, the squirrel), Hugh Sanders (Mulligan), Don Beddoe (Mr. Haggerty), Candy Candido (Molineri the florist), Clancy Cooper (Police Lieutenant Saunders), Harold Goodwin (Callahan, the F.B.I. man), Frank Cady (Mr. Taney the tax investigator), Lester Dorr (Eddie the bartender), Kenner G. Kemp (man in park), Frank Marlowe (Dave the mailman), Torben Meyer (Mr. Petrushka the baker), Ralph Montgomery (the fireman), Irving Pichel (the puzzled pedestrian), Harry Strang (the fire chief).


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