The Jackie Robinson Story (May 16, 1950)

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The Jackie Robinson Story

Released on May 16, 1950: The great baseball star Jackie Robinson plays himself in this autobiographical story of his rise to fame.

Directed by Alfred E. Green

The Actors: Jackie Robinson (himself), Ruby Dee (Rae Robinson), Minor Watson (Branch Rickey, President of the Brooklyn Dodgers), Louise Beavers (Jackie's Mother), Richard Lane (Clay Hopper, the Montreal Manager), Harry Shannon (Frank Shaughnessy, a Dodger exectutive), Ben Lessy (Shorty, a Monteal player), William 'Bill' Spaulding (himself), Billy Wayne (Clyde Sukeforth, a Dodger scout), Joel Fluellen (Mack Robinson), Bernie Hamilton (Ernie, a Panther player), Kenny Washington (Tigers manager), Pat Flaherty (Karpen, a Dodger pitcher), Larry McGrath (umpire), Emmett Smith (catcher), Howard Louis MacNeely (Jackie as a boy), George Dockstader (Bill), Marvelle Andre (Peter's wife), Bill Baldwin (baseball broadcaster), Sam Balter (baseball announcer in the booth), Mildred Boyd (roomate of Rae), Tom Coleman (sports board clerk), Laurence Criner (the Minister), Joe Devlin (tough lodge member in the stands), Jimmie Dodd (UCLA Scout), Franklyn Farnum (baseball fan in the stands), Roy Glenn (Mr. Gaines, an attorney), Joe Gray (bit part), Phyllis Kennedy (fan in the stands), Donald Kerr (reporter), Joe Kirk (Tony), Ralph Montgomery (reporter), Dewey Robinson (Brooklyn fan in the stands), Ben Welden (tough Lodge member in the stands), Dick Wessel (tough Lodge member in the stands), Dick Williams (Jersey City pitcher and second baseman).


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This is the story of Jackie Robinson, the first African-American athlete to play professional baseball in the modern era of baseball. Because of his great character and personality, he was not only able to play Hall of Fame quality baseball, but he also endured the predjudices against 'colored' people that were open and rampant at that time with grace and a good heart.

After a stellar college athletic career, he was drafted into the U.S. Army and served our country with valor. After the service, while playing baseball with the Kansas City Monachs of the Negro League, a Brooklyn Dodgers scout offered him a job with the Major League Brooklyn Dodger organization, playing first with their farm team in Monteal. Jackie wasn't able to play major league ball until he was 28 years old, but in the ten years of his major league career he played in six world series, and he played in six All-Star games. He scored more than 100 runs in six of his ten years, with a .311 career batting average, and an on-base percentage of .409. He was one of only two players during his playing years that had at least 125 steals with a slugging percentage over .425 each year. He had 197 stolen bases, including 19 steals to home plate, and was thought of as the father of modern base-stealing.

If you have ever gotten the raw end of a deal . . . if you have ever felt that the world was against you . . . if you ever wanted to achieve a worthy goal, but knew you were fighting the toughest battle of your life . . . this movie is your guidebook to success, and Jackie Robinson is your teacher.