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The Sun Sets at Dawn (November 1, 1950)

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The Sun Sets at Dawn

Released on November 1, 1950: The true story of an innocent man who waits to be ushered into the gas chamber while several reporters discuss similar cases that they covered, and one of them may have the key to this young man's freedom.

Directed by Paul Sloane

The Actors: Sally Parr (the girl), Patrick Waltz (the boy), Walter Reed (the Chaplain), Lee Frederick (Blackie), Houseley Stevenson (Pops), Howard St. John (the warden), Louise Lorimer (the warden's wife), Raymond Bramley (the deputy warden), Charles Meredith (AP reporter), Jack Reynolds (EP reporter), King Donovan (National News Service reporter), Charles Arnt (Globe Express reporter), Sam Edwards (Herald reporter), Percy Helton (Feature Syndicate reporter), Perry Ivins (Forty-Six reporter), Morgan Brown (medical examiner), Cliff Clark (the executioner), Dick Curtis (guard), William 'Bill' Phillips (the electrician).

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