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Bride of the Gorilla (October 10, 1951)

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Lon Chaney Jr. in Bride of the Gorilla

Released on October 10, 1951: After a plantation owner deep in the jungle of South America marries a pretty young wife, a local witch puts a voodoo curse on him that slowly turns him into a murdering gorilla.

Directed by Curt Siodmak

The Actors: Barbara Payton (Mrs. Dina Van Gelder), Lon Chaney Jr. (Police Commissioner Taro), Raymond Burr (Barney Chaves), Tom Conway (Dr. Viet), Paul Cavanagh (Klass Van Gelder), Carol Varga (Larina), Paul Maxey (Van Heusen), Woody Strode (Nedo, a policeman), Martin Garralaga (native), Felippa Rock (Stella Van Heusen), Moyna MacGill (Madame Van Heusen), Steve Calvert (the gorilla).

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