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Drums in the Deep South (October 16, 1951)

Drums of the Deep South

Released on October 16, 1943: During the U.S. Civil War two best friends fight on opposites sides, and face each other in a decisive battle.

Directed by William Cameron Menzies

The Actors: James Craig (Major Clay Clayburn), Barbara Payton (Kathy Summers), Guy Madison (Major Will Denning), Barton MacLane (Sergeant Mac McCardle), Robert Osterloh (Sergeant Harper), Tom Fadden (Purdy), Robert Easton (Jerry), Louis Jean Heydt (Colonel Houst), Craig Stevens (Colonel Braxton Summers), Taylor Holmes (Albert Monroe), Lewis Martin (General Johnston), Peter Brocco (Union Corporal), Dan White (Corporal Jennings), Robert Clarke (Union Officer), Kenne Duncan (Union Officer), Roy Gordon (Lieutenant Colonel Fitzgerald), James Griffith (Union Officer reporting to Denning), Myron Healey (Union Lieutenant), Todd Karns (Union Captain), Norman Leavitt (Confederate Soldier), Frank Marlowe (Confederate Soldier), Tom Monroe (Confederate Soldier), Billy Nelson (Union Sergeant), Steve Pendleton (Captain Travis), Denver Pyle (Union Soldier breaking window), Mickey Simpson (Jim Burns Confederate Soldier), Ray Walker (Union Officer), Guy Wilkerson (Confederate Sentry).


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