Hometown Story (May 18, 1951)

Marilyn Monroe in Hometown Story

Released on May 18, 1951: When politician Blake Washburn loses his election to Congress he blames and vows revenge on the businessman who he thinks orchestrated his defeat.

Directed by Arthur Pierson

The Actors: Donald Crisp (John MacFarland), Marilyn Monroe (Iris Martin), Alan Hale Jr. (Slim Haskins), Jeffrey Lynn (Blake Washburn), Marjorie Reynolds (Janice Hunt), Barbara Brown (Mrs. Washburn), Melinda Plowman (Katie Washburn), Renny McEvoy (Leo the taxicab driver), Glenn Tryon (Ken Kenlock), Byron Foulger (Berny Miles), Griff Barnett (Uncle Cliff Washburn), Virginia Campbell (Phoebe Hartman), Harry Harvey (Andy Butterworth), Nelson Leigh (Dr. Johnson), Speck Noblitt (motorcycle officer), Dorothy Adams (hospital nurse), John Alvin (Jimmy), John Archer (Don), Hugh Beaumont (Bob MacFarland), Robert Carson (reporter at airport), Stephen Chase (reporter at airport), Richard Crane (Don), Bess Flowers (arriving BBQ room patron), Robert Foulk (electric company worker), Bradford Hatton (police radio dispatcher), Tom Keene (Abbott the campaign manager), Nolan Leary (spectator at the mine disaster), George Magrill (electric company worker), Hank Mann (pedestrian outside the newspaper office), Matt McHugh (waiter), Eddie Parks (Dudley the chef), Hal Taggart (the barber), Ray Teal (complaining electric company worker), Arthur Tovey (nightclub dance extra).


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