My Outlaw Brother (August 22, 1951)

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Mickey Rooney in My Outlaw Brother

Released on August 22, 1951: When Denny O'Moore (Mickey Rooney) visits his brother in Mexico, he discovers that he is involved with the notorious bandit El Tiger.

Directed by Elliott Nugent

The Actors: Mickey Rooney (J. Dennis 'Denny' O'Moore), Wanda Hendrix (Senorita Carmel Alvarado), Robert Preston Joe Walter), Robert Stack (Patrick O'Moore), Jose Torvay (Enrique Ortiz), Carlos Muzquiz (Colonel Sanchez), Fernando Wagner (Burger), Hilda Moreno (Senora Alvarado), Don 'Red' Barry (Hank, ranger), Guillermo Calles (Indio), Enrique Cansino (Enrique the barber), Felipe de Flores (Jose), Chel Lopez (Pancho), Margarito Luna (Lorenzo), Elliott Nugent (Ranger Captain), Jose Velasquez (Pablo).


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