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Kangaroo, The Australian Story (May 16, 1952)

Kangaroo, The Australian Story

Released on May 16, 1952: Two criminals on the loose befriend an old drunk who has a beautiful young daughter that both criminals chase after.

Directed by Lewis Milestone

The Actors: Maureen O'Hara (Dell McGuire), Peter Lawford (Richard Connor), Finlay Currie (Michael McGuire), Richard Boone (John W. Gamble), Chips Rafferty (Trooper 'Len' Leonard), Letty Craydon (Kathleen, McGuire's housekeeper), Charles 'Bud' Tingwell (Matt), Eve Abdullah (woman servant), Alan Bardsley (the cook on the cattle drive), Billy Bray (sailor), Frank Catchlove (Walter the publican), Syd Chambers (Sailor), John Clark (Ferret Face), Tex Clarke (Slicker), Kelber Claux (sailor), Reg Collins (ship's officer), Clyde Combo (Aborigine stockman), Marshall Crosby (gambler), Alexander Cross (sailor), Larry Crowhurst (Cockatoo at door), Guy Doleman (pleader), James Doogue (sailor), John Fegan (Burke), Dennis Glenny (well dressed Cockatoo), Archie Hull (sailor), Henry Murdoch (black tracker), John O'Malley (Piper), Douglas Ramsey (Kelly-Station foreman), Frank Ransome (Burton, station foreman), George Simpson-Lyttle (Bluey), Stan Tolhurst (policeman), Joe Tomal (sailor), Ossie Wenban (sailor), Ron Whelan (Fenner the gambler), Reg Wykeham (flop house clerk)


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