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Mutiny (March 19, 1952)

Angela Lansbury in Mutiny

Released on March 19, 1952: During the War of 1812 Captain Marshall must run a British blockade and get to France to obtain help for the war.

Directed by Edward Dmytryk

The Actors: Mark Stevens (Captain James Marshall), Angela Lansbury (Leslie), Patric Knowles (Captain Ben Waldridge), Gene Evans (Hook), Rhys Williams (Redlegs), Robert Osterloh (Feversham, gunner), Peter Brocco (Sykes, gunner), Emerson Treacy (council speaker), Morris Ankrum (Captain Radford), Todd Karns (Andrews), Fred Aldrich (seaman), Harry Antrim (Chairman Caleb Parsons), Sven Hugo Borg (sailor in saloon), Franklyn Farnum (extra at the meeting), Byron Foulger (Chairman Parsons secretary), Louis Jean Heydt (Captain Herwig), Robin Hughes (Leutenant Vaughan), Norman Leavitt (Second Mate Hackett), Rory Mallinson (Seaman Edward Jones), Michael Mark (Cuban fisherman), Clayton Moore (Leutenant Peters, USN), Denver Pyle (gunner/mutineer), Gene Roth (Mr. Potter), Walter Sande (Mr. Stone, USN), Frank Sully (crewman), Crane Whitley (Colonel Rogers), Harry Wilson (crew member)


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