The Big Trees (February 5, 1952)

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The Big Trees

Released on February 5, 1952: An action drama about a wealthy tycoon versus a colony of peaceful Quakers.

Directed by Felix E. Feist

The Actors: Kirk Douglas (Jim Fallon), Eve Miller (Alicia Chadwick), Patrice Wymore (Daisy Fisher and Dora Figg), Edgar Buchanan (Walter 'Yukon' Burns), John Archer (Frenchy LeCroix), Alan Hale Jr. (Tiny), Roy Roberts (Judge Crenshaw), Charles Meredith (Elder Bixby), Harry Cording (Cleve Gregg), Ellen Corby (Sister Blackburn), Mel Archer (Ole), Lilian Bond (Daisy's Girl), Sue Casey (young lady), William Challee (Brother Williams), Lane Chandler (Brother Dorn), Frank Hagney (Glen, the lumberman with a rifle), Kathy Marlowe (Daisy's girl), Michael McHale (accountant), Bill McLean (Ivan), Art Millan (Charlie), Vicki Raaf(Daisy's girl), Lester Sharpe (Gray), Elizabeth Slifer (Sister Wallace), Ann Stuart (young lady), Duke Watson (Murdock)


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