The Green Glove (January 31, 1952)

Glenn Ford in The Green Glove

Released January 31, 1952: A soldier returns to France after WWII in search of a valuable relic that someone is willing to kill for.

Directed by Rudolph Mate

The Actors: Glenn Ford (Mike Blake), Geraldine Brooks (Chris Kenneth), Cedric Hardwicke (Father Goron), George Macready (Count Paul Rona), Gaby Andre (Gaby Saunders), Jany Holt (The Countess), Roger Treville (Police Inspector Faubert), Georges Tabet (Jacques Piotet), Meg Limonnier (Madame Piotet), Paul Bonifas (inspector), Jean Bretonniere (singer), Edmond Ardisson (chauffeur), Maurice Benard (bit part), Daniel Cauchy (bit part), Jacques Clancy (Ivan), John Dehner (narrator), Guy Henry (bit part), Roger Legris (Conrad Vernot), Frederic O'Brady (Alphonse), Michel Seldow (bit part).


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