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The Bigamist (December 3, 1953)

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Edmond O'Brien and Joan Fontaine in The Bigamist

Released on December 3, 1953: A man has two wives and two families in two different towns. Watch for the Hollywood tour bus . . . when the driver points out the homes of Jack Benny and Jimmy Stewart, he is pointing to their real 1953 homes on Roxbury drive.

Produced by Collier Young


Directed by Ida Lupino

The Actors: Joan Fontaine (Eve Graham), Ida Lupino (Phyllis Martin), Edmund Gwenn (Mr. Jordan), Edmond O'Brien (Harry Graham), Kenneth Tobey (Tom Morgan the defense attorney), Jane Darwell (Mrs. Connelly), Peggy Maley (phone operator), Lillian Fontaine (Mrs. Higgins the landlady), Matt Dennis (himself), John Maxwell (the Judge), Ralph Brooks (courtroom spectator), John Brown (Dr. Wallace), Jack Chefe (waiter), Kem Dibbs (tour bus driver), Ken Drake (court clerk), Bess Flowers (Hollywood tour bus passenger), Jerry Hausner (Roy Esterly), Donald Kerr (Hollywood tour bus pitchman), Mike Lally (courtroom spectator), George Lee (Sam the Chinese head waiter), Mac McKim (Ricky the boy on the street), James Todd (Carl Forbes), Mack Williams (Prosecuting attorney), Collier Young (Canton Cafe barfly), James Young (Graham's former boss)


Free Download of the old movie The Bigamist

The-Bigamist-1953.mp4 (692mb - 720x526)

The-Bigamist-1953-720p.mp4 (1.5gb - 986x720)