The Law of Contact

Killers from Space (January 23, 1954)

Peter Graves in Killers from Space

Released January 23, 1954: Peter Graves is a scientist that is killed in an atomic accident, then brought back to life and controlled by aliens that want to conquor the earth.

Directed by W. Lee Wilder

The Actors: Peter Graves (Dr. Doug Paul Martin), James Seay (Colonel Banks), Steve Pendleton (Briggs), Frank Gerstle (Dr. Curt Kruger), John Frederick (Deneb Tala), Barbara Bestar (Ellen Martin), Shepard Menken (Major Clift), Jack Daly (the power house guard), Ron Gans (the sentry), Ben Welden (pilot, Tar Baby 2), Burt Wenland (Sergeant Bandero), Lester Dorr (station attendant), Robert Roark (guard), Ruth Bennett (Miss Vincent, the secretary), Mark Scott (narrator), Roy Engel (police dispatcher), Coleman Francis (man in the plant who answers the phone).


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