The Atomic Man (August 5, 1955)

The Atomic Man

Released on August 5, 1955: A nuclear scientist on a top secret mission is shot by a gangster and moves 7 and a half seconds into the future.

Directed by Ken Hughes

The Actors: Gene Nelson (Mike Delaney), Faith Domergue (Jill Rabowski), Peter Arne (Dr. Stephen Rayner and Jarvis), Joseph Tomelty (Detective Inspector Cleary), Donald Gray (Robert Maitland), Vic Perry (Emmanuel Vasquo), Paul Hardtmuth (Doctor Bressler), Martin Wyldeck (Doctor Preston), Gordon Bell (assistant surgeon), Ian Cooper (anaesthetist), Philip Dale (Doctor Peters), Patricia Driscoll (x-ray assistant), Vanda Godsell (stenographer), Charles Hawtrey (office boy), Philippa Hiatt (x-ray assistant), Carl Jaffe (Doctor Marks), Mary Jones (Sister Brown), Barry MacKay (Inspector Hammond), Launce Maraschal (Alcott, the editor), Brian O'Higgins (bartender Pat), Dervis Ward (Allegan), Leonard Williams (Detective Sergeant Haines), Anthony Woodruff (nuclear physicist)


The Law of Contact

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I have enjoyed good science fiction ever since I got addicted to the original Star Trek television series with William Shatner as Captain Kirk. I do not like British science fiction . . . I absolutely LOVE it! I can get over 300 television channels and one that I could not live without is BBC America, where I can watch the long lived British television show Dr. Who. For some reason the best British minds look at science fiction with a bit of a different slant than American writers. If I tell Americans that a man moves into the future by 7 and a half seconds . . . I'm betting that the mental picture that Americans get is much different than the reality of this 1955 sci-fi plot. When I finally 'got it' I had a 'Gee whiz, I never thought about it that way.' What a very cool and unique way that they handled the concept. I won't ruin it for you . . . but see if it unfolds like you would expect it to. If you like sci-fi just a little bit . . . you will really enjoy this adventure about atomic science and visions of the future. Pop a big bowl of white kernel popcorn and drizzle plenty of warm melted butter on it and enjoy an amazing tale of the atom and gangsters who meddle with atomic research and unintentionally send a famous American nuclear scientist into the future.

Faith Domergue and Gene Nelson
Faith Domergue and Gene Nelson
Faith Domergue as Jill Rabowski
Faith Domergue as Jill Rabowski
Gene Nelson
Gene Nelson as reporter Mike Delaney
Joseph Tomelty
Joseph Tomelty
Launce Maraschal
Launce Maraschal as Alcott the newspaper editor
Leonard Williams
Leonard Williams
Martin Wyldeck and Joseph Tomelty
Martin Wyldeck explains the scientist's condition to Joseph Tomelty and Gene Nelson
Martin Wyldeck
Martin Wyldeck as Doctor Preston
Peter Arne
Peter Arne as Doctor Stephen Rayner
Vic Perry
Vic Perry as gangster Emmanuel Vasquo
Peter Arne
Peter Arne, as Jarvis, expects to be blown apart by a nuclear blast
Faith Domergue and Gene Nelson
Faith Domergue and Gene Nelson get ready to kiss after all the excitement is over
the atomic experiment begins
A scientist gets ready to start the chain reaction for the grand experiment, which may blow them all to Kingdom Come.