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Fresh From Paris (November 27, 1955)

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Fresh From Paris

Released on November 27, 1955: Paris Follies was the original title of this romantic musical filmed entirely in the Moulin Rouge nightclub in Hollywood.

Directed by Leslie Goodwins

The Actors: Forrest Tucker (Dan Bradley), Margaret Whiting (Margaret Walton), Dick Wesson (Chuck Russell), Martha Hyer (Ruth Harmon), Barbara Whiting (Barbara Walton), Lloyd Corrigan (Alfred Gaylord), Wally Cassell (Harry), Fluff Charlton (Taffy), James Ferris (Jim), William Henry (Wendell), The Sportsmen Quartet (themselves), Frank Parker (himself), Gurney Bell (member of The Sportsmen Quartet), Bill Days (member of The Sportsmen Quartet), Jay Meyer (member of The Sportsmen Quartet), Martin Sperzel (member of The Sportsmen Quartet).

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