The Law of Contact

Rhythm and Blues Revue (1955)

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Patsy Kelly in Danger, Women at Work

Released in 1955: The best African American song and dance performers of 1955 put on a show of shows.

Directed by Joseph Kohn and Leonard Reed

The Actors: Lionel Hampton (himself), Faye Adams (herself), Bill Bailey (himself), Herb Jeffries (himself), Freddie Robinson (himself), Amos Milburn (himself), The Larks (themselves), Sarah Vaughan (herself), Count Basie (himself), Big Joe Turner (himself), The Delta Rhythm Boys (themselves), Martha Davis (herself), Little Buck (himself), Nat 'King' Cole (himself), Mantan Moreland (himself), Nipsey Russell (himself), Cab Calloway (himself), Ruth Brown (herself), David Bowers (himself, one of The Larks), Orville Brooks (himself, one of The Larks), Gene Mumford (himself, one of The Larks), Leonard Reed (himself), Willie Bryant (himself, master of ceremonies)


The Law of Contact

Free Download of the old movie Rhythm and Blues Revue

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“Rhythm and Blues Review,” is a night at the Apollo Theatre on 253 W. 125th street in Harlem, filmed sometime in 1954 but not released to the public until sometime in 1955. This movie gives us a glimpse at some of the finest music and musicians of the day as they created and performed blues and rock and roll tunes. If you notice the 'PW' on the house band stands, it refers to the Paul Williams band. He was a famous tenor saxophonist that had a hit record of the song 'Hucklebuck.' Pop a big bowl of white kernel popcorn with warm melted butter on it and enjoy the show.