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Swamp Women (October 24, 1956)

Swamp Women

Released on October 24, 1956: Oil tycoon Bob Matthews is captured by four wild women escaped from prison and looking for a path to freedom through the swamps of Bayou Lacombe, Louisiana.

Produced by Roger Corman

Directed by Roger Corman

The Actors: Marie Windsor (Jodie Nardo), Carole Mathews (Police Lieutenant Lee Hampton), Beverly Garland (Vera), Mike Connors (Bob Matthews), Susan Cummings (Marie), Lou Place (Police Captain J. R. Goodrich), Jonathan Haze (Charlie the pickpocket), Ed Nelson (Police Sergeant), Jil Jarmyn (Billie)


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In the mid 1950's a fellow named Roger Corman discovered that he could make inexpensive teen movies using 'no name' actors, and compete financially with the best that the old, big studios in Hollywood could produce. The mainstream studios were still making movies with their older stars from the 30's and 40's. But the post-World-War-II kids started flocking to inexpensive, exploitive movies produced by Roger Corman, and then others that copied his style. They could throw some young boys and girls into a modern script and a young producer could make a small fortune cranking out 'B' movies for the kids. Would the kids rather see an aging Humphrey Bogart and his cast of naer-do-wells on screen, or four pretty young girls that are as tough as Bogart ever was? Even if the scripts were not as polished, the kids flocked to these low-cost thrillers.

'Swamp Women' starts out with handsome young oil tycoon Bob Matthews and a cute girl flirting with each other at the New Orleans Mardi Gras celebration, where they plan a trip to visit Bob's oil land in the swamps of Louisiana. Next we cut to four young women in prison, one is an undercover cop getting the other three ladies to escape with her. The lady cop knows that the three girls stole the Nardo diamonds, and she wants to infiltrate the girl gang and get them to reveal where the jewels are hidden. Next, Bob and his girl encounter the Nardo Gang, the three girl outlaws and the undercover girl-cop with them. The girl-outlaws take Bob and his girlfriend hostage as they try to escape the swamp surrounding the prison and recover the hidden diamonds. So we have five pretty girls and one handsome young man thrown together on a trip through the Louisiana swamps. You'll see young women lustily drinking whiskey straight from the bottle, and fighting as well as any male movie gangster . . . and making passes at the male hostage. Never mind that in one close-up shot of the girls in the swamp you can see the cement edge of a swimming pool and the bare feet of a crew member . . . these are very new and exciting roll reversals for both girls and guys of the 1950's. Pop some corn, grab a soda, and enjoy this blast from the past adventure thriller.

The oil tycoon Bob Matthews is billed on the credits as 'Touch Connors,' who later became famous on American televison as actor Mike Connors.