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Teenage Devil Dolls (1955)

Barbara Marks in Teenage Devil Dolls

Released in 1955: The 'dragnet' style story of Cassandra Leigh, who liked fast motorcycles, drugs, and life on the run as a result of a poor home life, also known as "One Way Ticket to Hell."

Directed by Bamlet Lawrence Price Jr.

The Actors: Barbara Marks (Cassandra Leigh), Kurt Martell (voice of Lieutenant David Jason), Robert A. Sherry (Lieutenant David Jason), Bamlet Lawrence Price Jr. (Miguel 'Cholo' Martinez), Lucille Price (Cassandra's mother), Bamlet Lawrence Price Sr. (Cassandra's current step-father), William Kendell (Russell Packard), Robert Norman (Johnny Adams), Elaine Lindenbaum (Margo Rossi), Joel Climenhaga (Sven Bergman), Joe Popavich (Al Stutzman), Anthony Gorsline (Jimmy Sanchez), Victor Schwartz (Sergeant Schwartz).


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