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The Indestructible Man (March 25, 1956)

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Lon Chaney Jr. in The Indestructible Man

Released March 25, 1956: 300,000 Volts of Horror! This Sci-Fi Horror movie is about a dead criminal that is accidently exposed to high voltage electricity that causes him not only to come back to life, but to be seemingly invincible.

Directed by Jack Pollexfen

The Actors: Lon Chaney Jr. (The Butcher and Charles Benton), Max Showalter (Police Lieutenant Richard Chasen), Marian Carr (Eva Martin), Ross Elliott (Paul Lowe, attorney), Stuart Randall (Police Lieutenant John Lauder), Ken Terrell (Joe Marcelli), Marjorie Stapp (hysterical young woman), Robert Shayne (Professor Bradshaw), Peggy Maley (Francine, the blonde stripper), Robert Foulk (Harry, the bar owner), Rita Green (Carney's 'bait'), Roy Engel (desk sergeant), Madge Cleveland (old frump in bar), Ann Doran (police dispatcher in scene taken from the movie 'He Walked by Night'), Marvin Ellis (Squeamy Ellis), Joe Flynn (Bradshaw's Assistant), Dorothy Ford (tall stripper), Lyle Latell (police sergeant), Eddie Marr (Carney con man), Harlan Warde (police dispatcher in scene taken from the movie 'He Walked by Night').


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