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The Buckskin Lady (June 26, 1957)

Patricia Medina and Gerald Mohr in The Buckskin Lady

Released June 26, 1957: (running time 65 minutes) An outlaw and the down doctor both want the card-cheating lady that tries to escape from her checkered past.

Directed by Carl K. Hittleman

The Actors: Patricia Medina (Angela Medley), Richard Denning (Dr. Bruce Merritt), Gerald Mohr (Slinger), Henry Hull (Dr. James Goldsboro 'Doc' Medley), Hank Worden (Lon), Robin Short (Nevada), Richard Reeves (Potter), Dorothy Adams (Mrs. Adams), Frank Sully (Jed), George Cisar (Cranston), Louis Lettieri (Ralphie), Byron Foulger (Latham), John Dierkes (Swanson), Richard Devon (townsperson), I. Stanford Jolley (the Sheriff).


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The Hay Day of cowboy westerns was in the 1930's and 1940's, but quality westerns have been produced ever since, and this is one of the better ones, with a great conflict between the good, the bad, and the beautiful. Gun slinging outlaw Slinger wants card cheating Angela in the worst way, but when Angela meets the new doctor in town, she wants to reform and become the Doctor's lady. But it looks like she won't be able to escape her reputation and past life to become a respectable doctor's wife. Pop a nice big bowl of white kernel popcorn with plenty of warm melted butter on top, and get ready for a wild-shooting, gun toting, card cheating trio of western characters that form a classic love triangle.

As our movie opens we watch Slinger, a no-good outlaw, chasing Angela through the canyons of the west near the town of Bitter Water. When he catches her he plants a good kiss on her, and tells her that she will never escape him, he will have her just as he takes anything else that he wants. Angela acts like she loves him, but wants to escape him all the same. When she gets back to town, she is just in time to join her drunkard doctor father in a scheme to cheat the passengers on the stage coach at a game of cards. It seems that Angela is a pretty good card shark, and regularly cheats the passing stage coach men out of their money as they are passing through town. But one day a tall, good looking fellow comes to town to become the new town doctor, and Angie is smitten by him. Her father, the drunkard doctor, conned this fellow out of $250 dollars, but when Angie sees this hunk of a man she wants to pay him back his money, and see if she might have a chance with him. So she decides to cheat the next batch of stage coach passengers out of $250 so she can return Doc Merritt's money to him. Unfortunately she is $100 short, so Slinger comes into the saloon and offers to play her for the $100 she needs, and cheats her out of the money that she did have. When she discovers that he cheated her, she goes up to his room and he tries to molest her, but she fights him off, getting her clothing mussed up in the fight.

When hunk-muffin Doctor Merritt breaks in to save her, he thinks that she was a willing partner to Slinger, and leaves in disgust. Angela is heart-broken, and decides that she cannot become a 'good girl' anyway, and goes off with Slinger, leaving town for good. Of course we know that to make this a good western, we need to arrive at a final showdown between the three. And there is a doozie of an encounter at the end with Angela, Slinger and Doc Merritt, and there will be fighting, gunplay and death before we reach the ending credits. Who lives, and who dies? Ah, my friend, that you must discover for yourself!