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Hugh School Big Shot (October 30, 1959)

High School Big Shot

Released on October 30, 1959: Marv needs lots of money to attract pretty Betty, so he grabs a million dollars from some mobsters.

Produced by Roger Corman

Directed by Joel Rapp

The Actors: Tom Pittman (Marvin 'Marv' Grant), Virginia Aldridge (Betty Alexander), Howard Veit (Vince Rumbo), Malcolm Atterbury (Mr. Grant), Stanley Adams (Harry March), Louis Quinn (Samuel Tallman), Peter Leeds (Mr. Carter), John Barrick (Larry Walker), Jimmy Murphy (Burt Rogers), Byron Foulger (Mr. Mathews), Bobby Hall (Johnson), Ron Gans, Evan Thompson, Gill Coontz, Wally Rose, Ellen Atterbury


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