Teenagers From Outer Space (June 20, 1959)

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Teenagers From Outer Space

Released on June 20, 1959: An alien teenager falls in love with a girl from Earth and they try to stop the invasion of Earth by Aliens in flying saucers.

Directed byTom Graeff

The Actors: David Love (Derek), Dawn Bender (Betty Morgan), Bryan Grant (Thor), Harvey B. Dunn (Gramps Morgan), Tom Graeff (Joe Rogers), King Moody (the spacecraft Captain), Helen Sage (Nurse Morse), Frederick Welch (Dr. C. R. Brandt, MD), Carl Dickensen (gas station attendant), Sonia Torgeson (Alice Woodward), Billy Bridges (driver that picked up Thor), James Conklin (Professor Simpson), Gene Sterling (the alien leader), Ralph Lowe (Moreal, crew member of the space ship), Bill DeLand (Saul, crew member of the space ship), Usula Hansen (Hilda), Robert Williams (T.V. newsman), Don DeClue (generating plant worker), Don Chambers (Dr. Mason), Jim MacGeorge (Mac, a cop), Kent Rogers (Harry, a cop), Sol Resnick (Mason's assistant), Bob Regas (Johnson), Ross Evans (the school janitor)


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