The Bloody Brood (1959)

The Bloody Brood

Released in 1959: Peter Falk stars in a crime drama about two beatniks who get their kicks by dealing drugs and violence to the local teens.

Directed by Julian Roffman

The Actors: Barbara Lord (Ellie), Jack Betts (Cliff), Peter Falk (Nico), Ron Hartman (Francis), Ron Taylor (Dave), Robert Christie (Detective McLeod), Bill Bryden (Studs), Michael Zenon (Weasel), Anne Collins (a model), George Sperdakos (Ricky), Sammy Sales (Louis), Carol Starkman (blonde neighbor), Kenneth Wickes (Paul the poet), Lloyd Jones, William R. Kowalchuk (Roy), Betty Anderson


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It's post World War II, and Americans had lots of money, lots of time, and the knowledge that the nuclear bombs that helped to end the war could mean instant destruction for them and the world. A new kind of morals and lifestyle appears that baffle and scare older folks. They are called 'Beatniks' and they play tom-tom drums, dance like Ginger Rogers never did, and talked about life and death in a whole new way. Nico (Peter Falk's first movie) is the leader of the beatnik gang, and is also a crime syndicate drug dealer. One night as the nightclub they hang in is closing, a fellow lies at the doorway dying. Nico is fascinated with watching the man die, and he later decides to kill someone randomly just for kicks. The 'square' brother of their unknowing victim infiltrates the beatniks to try to discover who his brother's killer is. This is a wonderful peek into the jazz / beatnik culture of the late 1950's, before the tie-dyed 'love-children' of the 1960's took their place on the American scene. Pop a big bowl of white kernel popcorn with warm melted butter on it and enjoy the show.