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The Saint Louis Bank Robbery (September 10, 1959)

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Steve McQueen in The Saint Louis Bank Robbery

Released on September 10, 1959: Steve McQueen is part of a gang planning to hold up a large St. Louis bank.

Directed by Charles Guggeheim

The Actors: Steve McQueen (George Fowler), Crahan Denton (John Egan), David Clarke (Gino), James Dukas (Willie), Molly McCarthy (Ann), Martha Gable (Eddie's wife), Larry Gerst (Eddie), Boyd Williams (W.H. Dalton, bank officer), Frank Novotny (Pat, Ann's boyfriend), Nell Roberts (woman in bar talking to George), Bob Hold (police dispatcher), May Kohn (bank cashier), Jay Elliot (car salesman), Robert Klauss (phone repairman), Barney Barnett (policeman), Nancy Lyon (Egan's Hostage)

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