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The Groom Wore Spurs (September 7, 1951)

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Ginger Rogers and Jack Carson in The Groom Wore Spurs

Released on September 7, 1951: Ginger Rogers is a lawyer that tries to keep a crazy cowboy movie star Wild Ben Castle out of trouble.

Directed by Richard Whorf

The Actors: Ginger Rogers (A.J. Furnival), Jack Carson (Ben Castle), Joan Davis (Alice Dean), Stanley Ridges (Harry Kallen), John Litel (Uncle George), James Brown (Steve Hall), Victor Sen Yung (Ignacio), Mira McKinney (Mrs. Forbes), Gordon Nelson (Ricky), George Meader (bellboy), Kemp Niver (Killer), Robert Williams (Jake Harris), Don Brodie (card player), Benny Burt (card player), Robert Carson (hotel desk clerk), George Chesebro (Sam Taylor), John Eldredge (J.N. Bergen), Douglas Evans (reporter), Franklyn Farnum (the Reverend), John Gallaudet (card player), Ross Hunter (Austin Tindale), Jess Kirkpatrick (uniformed policeman), Kate Drain Lawson (witness), George Pembroke (Fred Hillman), William 'Bill' Phillips (uniformed policeman), Ralph Whorf (film director Richard Whorf), Ralph Roberts (truck driver), Allen K. Wood (studio photographer).

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As our movie opens we see Ginger Rogers as lawyer A.J. Furnival calling on Hollywood cowboy movie star Ben Castle. She is a new young lawyer and the minute she sees Wild Ben Castle you can see the stars in her eyes. The attraction is mutual, as we see that Ben is taken with her also. As they discuss his need for a lawyer, she discovers that he signed an i.o.u. for sixty thousand dollars to a gambler in Las Vegas who is someone that no one should ignore. She accompanies him to Vegas, and the romantic sparks still fly, and they end the evening getting married in a classic Las Vegas chapel. Then she meets with the gambler who is owed sixty thousand dollars, and it turns out that the gambler knew and liked her father before he died. When he discovers that she is married to Wild Ben, he tears up the i.o.u. as a wedding gift to her and Wild Ben. Ginger discovers that Ben knew about the gamblers relationship with her father, and probably only hired her and married her so that he could get the upper hand on the gambler. Ginger is mad as a hornet at this, and walks out on Ben, rushing back to L.A.

Back in L.A., Ginger's roommate tells her that the perfect revenge that every wife has on an ornery husband is to live with him, and Ginger goes over to his . . . er . . . her house and tries to take over as the lady of the house. The comedy continues as we discover that Wild Ben not only hates horses and can't sing a note, he has many girlfriends that are coming around. She leaves again in anger, but when Ben's boss threatens to cancel his contract, she steps in and saves the day and negotiates a new contract, which includes an advance of sixty thousand dollars . . . the exact amount that Wild Ben owes the Vegas gambler. She gives him the check to pay off his gambling debt and once again says 'Good bye,' intending to leave him for good. Wild Ben seems to want Ginger more than ever at this point, and although he may have only hired her because of her father, he is now madly in love. But everything isn't a comedy of crises for these newlyweds, and the plot turns south quickly when Ben takes the check to the gambler to pay off his debts. While in the gambler's office to pay him back, the gambler is shot dead and Ben is accused of the murder. Now he really needs a lawyer, and Ginger steps back into his life. The race is on to clear Ben's name and patch up this on again, off again marriage and get to the proverbial happy ever after ending.