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Stronghold (October 25, 1951)

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Veronica Lake

Released October 25, 1951: Veronica Lake moves to Mexico to escape the U.S. Civil War, and finds love and revolt in the land of her mother.

Directed by Steve Sekely

The Actors: Veronica Lake (Mary Stevens), Zachary Scott (Don Miguel Navarro), Arturo de Cordova (Don Pedro Alvarez), Irene Ajay, Alfonso Bedoya, Felipe de Alba, Rock Galbin, Gilberto Gonzalez, Yadin Jiminez, Rita Macedo, Gustavo Rojo.

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Mary Stevens (Veronica Lake) is the daughter of a Mexican mother and an American father living in the gentle south, but when Civil War breaks out in the States, Mary and her mother return to Mexico to find peace and the gentile life that her mother grew up with. At this time, Mexico is ruled by Emperor Maximilian, who was put in place by the French and Spanish forces that were occupying Mexico. Maximilian was from the royal family in Austria. He was asked by some of the wealthy families in Mexico City to rule the country and bring peace. Unfortunately, the poor people of the country were not treated as they thought they should be, and a revolution headed by their President Benito Juarez, and in 1867 Maximilian was defeated. This movie chronicles those days, mixed with a story of adventure and love, starring both Veronica Lake as Mary Stevens, and Sara Montiel as Mary Stevens in a Spanish language version. The two movies were made at the same time, with the lead actors changing places for each scene. When Veronica Lake had finished a scene, the same actors and crew filmed the exact same scene in Spanish, with Sara Montiel doing the Spanish language version of the Mary Stevens part.

In 1948 the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the Studio system, where studios would sign an actor to an exclusive contract and give them a set salary was ended, and with it's end, Veronica Lake was released by Paramount and never acted in a major U.S. motion picture again. After this film that was produced in Mexico in 1951, she appeared on several television shows, and finally in two low-budget independent films, but her days of stardom and fame were ended with this motion picture.

Two men wanted her love, and each was on the opposite side of the great conflict, and only one would win her affection and loyalty. Pop some corn, grab a soda, and enjoy the final big-budget motion picture with movie legend Veronica Lake in this historical thriller.