The Law of Contact

Violated (December 11, 1953)


Released on December 11, 1953: Police track down a demented killer in Greenwich Village who scalps his victims.

Produced by Wim Holland and William Mishkin

Directed by Walter Strate

The Actors: Wim Holland (Jan C. Verbig), Lili Dawn (Lili Damar), Mitchell Kowall (Lieutenant Mack McCarthy), Vicki Carlson (Susan Grant), William Martel (Detective Dana), Jason Niles (Doctor Jason), Michael Keane (reporter Gardner), Fred Lambert (George Mastro), William Mishkin (Louie Quinto), Charles McClelland (Detective Collins), Sally Peters (Ellen Tinker), Mary Noble (Mother Grant), Dan Bergin (newspaper editor), Charles Uday (Joe Summers), Juana (unknown), Pete Caudreaux (unknown), Wambley Bald (District Attorney Henderson), Suzanne Dean (Helen Devaux), Crandall Diehl (Joyce's ballet partner), Joy Williams (ballerina model Joyce), Tom Carroll (unknown)


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