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Jesse James' Women (September 4, 1954)

Jesse James Women

Released September 4, 1954: (running time 1 hour and 24 minutes) A tale of the women that were wooed by Jesse James across the deep South.

Produced by Thomas Victor Garraway Sr., Don 'Red' Barry and Lloyd Royal

Directed by Don 'Red' Barry

The Actors: Don 'Red' Barry (Jesse James and J. Woodsen), Peggie Castle (Waco Gans), Jack Buetel (Frank James), Lita Baron (Delta), Joyce Barrett (Caprice Clark), Betty Brueck (Cattle Kate kennedy), Laura Lea (Angel Botts), Sam Keller (Cole Younger), Thomas Victor Garraway Sr. (the preacher), Michael Carr (Bob Ford), Alton Hillman (Champ O'Toole), Curtis Dossett (banker Clark), Jimmie Hammons (Sheriff Clem Botts), Mac McAllister (Ace, O'Toole's manager), Frank Cunningham (Pete), James Clayton (Cameo Kane), Victor Cox (gunman)


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Jesse James' Women - This is a cowboy movie unlike most of the old movies that showcase rootin, tootin cowboys and their loves and their fights. The biggest fights in this one are between the girls - they all want Jesse and are willing to fight each other for him. As the movie opens, Jesse robs a small town bank in Mississippi with the help of the banker's pretty daughter. She steals her father's key to the vault so that Jesse and the boys can rob the bank without any force. He promises to marry her, but he just can't seem to keep away from the other women in town. First there is the saloon keeper. Her partner is Cameo, a tough guy that cheats the customers and his partner. Jesse arranges to drive him out of town, and take his loot to boot. Back in town, the gal that now owns all of the saloon shows him her thanks. But trouble is on the way . . . a gal is coming by stage to sing in the saloon, but she is kidnapped by one of Jesse's gang that tries to rob the stage without Jesse's permission, but the robbery goes bad, and the men flee, one of them taking the pretty singer from the stage. Jesse rushes to her rescue, and she shows her appreciation to Jesse also.

Sheesh, Jesse James sure gets to kiss a lot of pretty women in this motion picture. The director must really like this actor to set him up kissing so many pretty women . . . hey . . . the actor that is playing Jesse James is also the director! No wonder he gets to kiss all the pretty ladies! And the pretty ladies just keep on appearing, and the only man that they ever have eyes for is Jesse. What a man!

If you like gun fights, cat fights, bandits that steal kisses from his best girl, then gives them to every other girl he meets, and a light-hearted tale of the American South with a romantic version of one of the most talked about bandits, pop your corn, grab your soda and enjoy this romantic comedy western adventure.