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The Rebel Set (June 28, 1959)

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The Rebel Set

Released June 28, 1959: The owner of a beatnik joint convinces three out of work beatniks to help him rob an armored car in an almost perfect crime.

Directed by Jean Fowler Jr.

The Actors: Gregg Palmer (John Mapes), Kathleen Crowley (Jeanne Mapes), Edward Platt (Mr. Tucker - Mr. 'T'), John Lupton (Ray Miller), Don Sullivan (George Leland), Ned Glass (Sidney Horner), Vikki Dougan (Karen, waitress), I. Stanford Jolley (King Invader, beat-nik poet), Barbara Drew (Mrs. Packard), Cecil Elliott (train gossip), Grace Field (train gossip), Gene Roth (conductor, New York train), Robert Shayne (Lieutenant Cassidy), Gloria Moreland (Bali dancer), Byron Foulger (conductor on Chicago train), Peter Brian (unknown), John Close (police morgue attendant), Craig Duncan (unknown), Eddie Foster (unknown), Bobby Gilbert (unknown), Carey Loftin (unknown), Collette Lyons (Rita Leland), Tiger Joe Marsh (policeman boarding train), Robert Nash (unknown), Michael Ross (reporter), Jeffrey Sayre (train station extra), Smoki Whitfield (train porter).


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I was a small kid during the beatnik days. About all I remember from that unique class of folk is the old television show about Dobie Gillis and his beatnik buddy Maynard G. Krebs. But I know that you need bongo drums in the background and the bell-like notes of a xylophone. One of my older sisters, Esther, plays the Xylopone, but she had a different name for it. But you will hear both the bongos and the xylophone throughout this hip movie. Note how I worked in the beatnik term 'hip' - now if I can only get 'daddy-o' and 'far out, man' into the conversation, we will be ready for our look at 1959 America. Can ya dig it, man?

Besides the very cool 1959 autos, you will enjoy seeing a couple of actors from the classic 1930's mingling their craft with new young actors of the modern 1950's. For instance, fans of old movies will all recognize Byron Foulger, the timid mouse of a fellow that played hotel clerks and store clerks and whipped husbands in the old movies. In this crime thriller from 'modern' times he is one of the train men that checks our beatnik tickets. And I. Stanford Jolley - what can I say about this veteran of old cowboy movies, except that he is enchanting as a bearded bard with an eye patch spouting ephemeral prose in a beatnik dive? And to bring the old stars into this brave new movie world, we have Edward Platt. Who is Edward Platt? Well, if you remember the old television comedy "Get Smart," with agent 86 Maxwell Smart and his shoe phone, just picture his bald headed boss. Yup, Edward Platt was the Chief, the always frustrated leader of the spies. In this modern crime drama he is the big bad guy, Mr. T. Pop your white kernel popcorn, pour on plenty of warm melted butter and get ready to enjoy, because you don't want to miss unforgettable lines like, "When in Rome, do the Romans."

Edward Platt and Ned GlassGregg Palmer and Kathleen Crowley
Edward Platt and Ned GlassGregg Palmer and Kathleen Crowley
Gregg Palmer, John Lupton and Don SullivanI. Stanford Jolley
Gregg Palmer, John Lupton and Don SullivanI. Stanford Jolley
I. Stanford JolleyNed Glass
I. Stanford JolleyNed Glass