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Tormented (September 22, 1960)


Released on September 22, 1960: (running time 1 hour and 16 minutes) Tom watches an old flame fall to her death from the old lighthouse, refusing to reach out and pull her to safety. Now the girl's ghost returns to torment Tom as he prepares to get married.

Directed by Bert I. Gordon

The Actors: Richard Carlson (Tom Stewart), Susan Gordon (Sandy Hubbard), Lugene Sanders (Meg Hubbard), Juli Reding (Vi Mason), Joe Turkel (Nick, blackmailer), Lillian Adams (Mrs. Ellis), Gene Roth (Mr. Nelson, lunch stand man), Vera Marshe (Mrs. Hubbard), Harry Fleer (Frank Hubbard), Merritt Stone (clergyman), George Stanley (unknown), Dick Walsh (unknown), Leslie Thomas (unknown), Paul Frees (unknown)


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Now here is a fantasy ghost thriller that will really bring chills to your spine and make the hair stand up on the back of your neck. Tom is a jazz pianist who is on a secluded island inhabited by wealthy folk. His fiance Meg is living there with her parents, and he is looking forward to marrying Meg in a couple of weeks on the island. But there is a fly in the honey . . . Tom worked with a blonde jazz singer who is fatally attracted to him. She gets a ride out to the island to force Tom to call of his wedding and marry her. She threatens to show his new fiance Tom's old love letters and break up his marriage to wealthy Meg. Tom tries to get Vi to go away, but she is insistent that if she cannot have Tom, no one will. They continue to argue on top of the old light house, and when a railing breaks, Vi falls down, clutching wildly to the railing and begging Tom to pull her up to safety. Tom watches, and almost saves her, but then decides to let her fall to her death. Now this slime-ball thinks that he can forget about Vi, and go on with his marriage to wealthy Meg. No one knows that Vi went to the island, so no one will even know that she was there.

Well, Vi is gone, but not forgotten. Tom is tormented for the rest of this movie by the ghost of Vi, tormenting Tom and driving him insane. Or is there another explaination to the spooky happenings on the island? It turns out that the island has been haunted before, and there was a mysterious death many years ago, and it looks like there may be a death in the cards before this one is over. And with a sly blackmailer who figures out that Tom is a killer, things will get very messy before we discover the truth about Tom, Vi, Meg and the blackmailer. And that light house . . . it is the center to this mystery, with death always near by.