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First Spaceship on Venus(October 31, 1960)

The First Space Ship on Venus

Released October 31, 1960: Far in the future, in 1985, a mysterious meteorite is discovered that is actually a magnetic tape from the planet Venus, from a spaceship that crashed many years ago. Earth Scientists decide to travel to Venus to discover the life that exists there.

Directed by Kurt Maetzig

The Actors: Yoko Tani (Sumiko Ogimura MD), Oldrich Lukes (Prof. Harringway Hawling), Ignacy Machowski (Prof. Saltyk / Orloff), Julius Ongewe (Prof. Harringway Hawling), Michail N. Postnikow (Prof. Arsenew / Prof. Durand), Kurt Rackelmann (Prof. Sikarna), Gunther Simon (Robert / Raimund Brinkmann), Tang Hua-Ta (Dr. Tchen Yu / Lao Tsu), Lucyna Winnicka (Joan Moran), Fritz Decho (reporter), Karin Fredersdorf (Brinkmanns Mutter), Eva-Maria Hagen (female reporter), Gertraud Kreissig (reporter), Ruth-Maria Kubitschek (Frau Brinkmann), Barbara Leonhard (secretary), Eric Lie (the Chinese man)


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>What a historic treat this science fiction movie is! Filmed in 1960 in East Germany, this wonderful tale gives us a peek not only into the minds of 1960 people, but the mind of a 1960 science fiction author from Communist East Germany - from behind the wall, or the 'Iron Curtain' that separated the Soviet Union and the rest of the world. The Soviet Union was first to put a satellite into orbit, the Sputnik, and that began the great space race of the 1960's that put a man on the moon. In the U.S. and the 'free' world there was great interest in outer space, and now this movie shows us that there was also great interest in outer space behind the Iron Curtain of East Germany. Pop lots of corn and fill you cup with soda, you don't want to miss a minute of this out-of-this-world adventure thriller!

The movie begins 25 years in the future, in 1985, when a small meteorite is discovered that came from a large meteorite that exploded into the earth in 1908. The scientists of 1985 discover that the small meteorite is actually a recording from the planet Venus. Soon the space ship that was intended to travel to Mars is used to make a trip to Venus instead, and find the people that sent the ship that crashed into the earth in 1908. As they near the planet, they intercept a message that explains the destruction of the earth by the people of Venus. The scientists debate whether they should communicate this impending disaster to the earth. One fellow says that they should not tell the earth, because it will cause such panic that earth will self-destruct itself. Another fellow says that they should inform the earth, because the earth can handle the information. The earth did not destroy itself with the appearance of the Atomic Bomb, so they can handle this also. It all becomes moot when they find that their communication devices don't work.

There is another telling incident into the mindset of 1960's people at the beginning of the computer era. On the way, a man is playing chess against a computer opponent, and he wins the game. He triumphantly declares that although it was difficult, no machine could be more intelligent than a man!

Once they reach the planet, they discover a huge computer machine that is automatically preparing to bombard the earth with enough radiation to kill everyone on the planet. All of the inhabitants are dead - some tremendous disaster long ago killed all of the people of Venus. They encounter a black oozing oil substance that seems ominous, and shoot into it with their ray gun. This causes the beginning of a nuclear reaction that starts the large orb machine and the process of attacking the earth with radiation. Can they shut down the machine before it starts bombarding the earth with deadly radiation? Can they discover a method to stop the deadly radiation energy from reaching the earth? Can they outwit the automated computer that is bent on destruction of the earth? Of course, man is much more intelligent than any computer, right? Pop a big bowl of white kernel popcorn with warm melted butter on it and enjoy the show.